Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BEDA Day 10: Ingrid Michaelson

I was sitting at my computer, as I do, thinking of what I wanted to blog about today and Ingrid Michaelson's cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" came up on my Tumblr dashboard. And now I'm having a little listening party to her amazing tunes. So that's who I'm going to talk about today, Ingrid Michaelson and her beautiful music.

Ingrid Michaelson is in between indie and mainstream (I feel like a hipster using those words but they work in this situation). She's not a starving artist but you don't hear even her singles on the radio. She appears in Old Navy ads or good chick flicks from time to time but she's not a house hold name. If I were a musician I feel like that's where I would like to be. Ingrid Michaelson has the three things that matter to me most in an artist, good songwriting, good live performance, good music.

So let's start with the songwriting. Ingrid Michaelson's lyrics are brilliant. Most of her songs are pretty simple in their structure and her lyrics reflect that same simplicity. 

Once I made a man all out of snow
He had the darkest eyes and a button nose
I told him all my sadness and my fear
And he just listened with a snowy ear

But when I came around the next day
My friend had gone and melted all away
I saw his eyes lying on the ground
I made a sound that was something like crying

Oh, one day you will go away from this
Oh, one day you will know we're men of snow, we melt one day

(Men of Snow)

What I like most about her lyrics is that they tell a story along with the message that she is trying to convey. I find song writing is a lot more meaningful when there is a story to be told and she does it beautifully. I chose those lyrics because they're a good example of that storytelling as well as the meaningful messages that are often embedded in her music. If you haven't heard it I recommend listening to Men of Snow

As far as her performance is concerned, I've never physically seen her live but I've watched enough YouTube videos of her live performances to say that she is just as good as she sounds on the record. That means so much to me especially now when it seems like everyone on the top ten are auto tuned. She also has a really great stage presence and is really funny. She feels very camp-counselor-esque with her live performances, always trying to get people to join in and sing along. Also she plays the ukulele really well, and that's awesome, 'nuf said. 

Finally, she makes good music. The whole experience of listening to her albums is pleasant. From the lyrics to the music to her lovely voice it's just nice, easy listening, quality music. Her songs are usually ukulele or piano based and all around chill, even the upbeat ones. They promise to put you in a good mood.  

As a side note Ingrid Michaelson has done some amazing covers. My personal favourite is her cover of Parachute.*

*Edit: She actually wrote this song but Cheryl Cole covered it first then her, so technically it's not a cover. I forgot that sorry :|

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  1. Sorry to be a corrector, but Parachute is not a cover. It's her song and she wrote it. She intially gave it to Cheryl Cold to record and then Ingrid decided to record it for herself.