Friday, August 12, 2011

BEDA Day 12: Crazy, Stupid, Love

I just wanted to say first thanks to those of you who have left comments recently. I have noticed and read all of them. I'm just not sure how to respond to them because I'm a n00b.

So as I said yesterday, I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love with my best friend as our last movie night for some time as we are both going off to college. We both needed a good laugh and a quality chick flick and we got what we wanted a bit more. I'm not going to lie a good part of the reason I wanted to see it was because Ryan Gosling was in it and promised to remove his shirt. I'm shameless sometimes what can I say. Also I love Emma Stone, I think she's fantastic and her comedic timing is brilliant. Oh and you know Steve Carrell. He's pretty cool too. To top of the cast, Julianne Moore (who I had seen in 30 Rock- season four I believe) played opposite Carrell and she was a fair match. So needless to say the cast alone was fantastic and were definitely a major contributing factor to what made this movie great.

Beside the fantastic cast, the best part of this movie was it's ability to bring comedy into an otherwise really shitty situation. The movie opens with Emily (Moore) asking for a divorce from Cal (Carrell) and though this is really sad the film deals with it in such a way that lightens the mood with comedy while still having the problems at hand seem genuine and real. One of my favourite aspects of the film was Cal's son Robbie who is thirteen and his insight into love and the idea of soul mates. As someone who doesn't entirely believe the concept of soul mates Robbie did a pretty good job of convincing me they did exist for everyone.

Hannah and Jacob's relationship isn't really developed until quite far into the film but it's well worth the wait. Without giving much away I just wanted to say that I love Emma Stone more with every movie I see of hers. And she and Ryan Gosling work perfectly together in this film.

I don't want to spoil the plot so I'll say no more other than there is a twist, which makes me happy, like it's not just another generic romantic comedy, the plot is actually interesting. If you're looking for a fun movie with a five star cast and just all around awesome I'd definitely recommend it.

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