Monday, August 15, 2011

BEDA Day 15: off-to-college-month

I'm not going to be home tonight so I have to do my BEDA post now, hooray! Basically I'm in this very unique phase in my life where all my friends from high school are leaving for college (and I am too of course). This is strange not only because we're all going off to different ends of the earth but because we all start school at different times so the entire month of August has just become a month of sad goodbyes. I know it's not goodbye forever but it's certainly a substantial amount of time. This Saturday the first group of my friends left for school. That group included one of my best friends in the world so needless to say I'm feeling a bit strange knowing I won't see her until Christmas. This Saturday the next group of my friends left along with three more of my best friends. It's a strange feeling that's for sure. Because part of me is excited for new collegiate adventures and the other part wants the comfort of old friends.

Despite the weirdness that is this August I'm managing to enjoy every last minute I have of summer with my friends. For example in a couple of hours I'm having a photo-shoot with some friends then we're having a chick flick sleepover because sometimes you just need one. (Hence blogging now). If you are heading off to your first year in college, or have already done so, then you know what I mean. It only happens once and it's not one of those things you're meant to get used to because of that. I'm sure there will be a lot more talk about heading off to university because that's happening at the end of August for me, so look out for that.

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  1. I spent my last month before college in Germany so I missed getting to say good-bye to all my high school friends as they left. I don't which is worse.