Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BEDA Day 16: Things That Make Me Happy

I've decided to make a list (which I will continually add to) of simple things that make me happy. Here's a snippet of the list so far.
  1. Finding old National Geographic magazines in waiting rooms: I'm a huge National Geographic junkie as it is, so much so that I casually refer to it as "Nat Geo" in normal conversation. So needless to say when I'm in any waiting room I jump at the chance to pass the time by skimming through one. On a related note, on a list of things that make me extremely unhappy, would be waiting rooms, I hate them. Even better than finding just any National Geographic is finding a vintage one. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's awesome. I was sitting in a waiting room last September because I got bit by a spider and my leg kind of freaked out, unfortunately a construction worker sort of sawed his leg most of the way off right before I walked in so the wait was five hours, (a lot more unfortunate for he than I). But in the five hour wait I got to thoroughly read an issue from 1987. 
  2. John Green’s live shows: I've mentioned before how much I love engaging in the YouTube community and I don't think this bullet needs much explaining. He's one of my favourite authors and never fails to say eloquent and interesting things off the cuff in his live shows. My favourite aspect of these live shows though has got to be when he reads excerpts from essay and poetry. I get really particular about reading out loud and I can get distracted if something about the readers voice is off but John Green's voice was made for reading. If he wasn't already an award winning author he probably could have made it big reading audiobooks. 
  3. Quoting Easy A: Pocketful of Sunshine, the letter T, Melody Bostic, pre-cocktail-party-cocktails. The options are endless when quoting this incredibly well written comedy. It's beginning to reach Mean Girls status in my books. 
  4. Grey and rainy days when you have nothing to do: On top of finding rain extremely comforting I also immensely enjoy the feeling of having absolutely nothing on my to do list. Mind you, it rarely happens, but it sure it nice when the occasion rolls around. Besides just rain I really enjoy grey weather because it's easy on my eyes. Coming from Atlantic Canada, my eyes are used to grey skies and get a little overwhelmed when I have to spend summers here in the Southern United States. Curling up with a good book on these kind of days can't be beaten. 

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