Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BEDA Day 17: Belated Bossypants Talk

When I heard that Tina Fey was releasing a book earlier this year safe to say I was pretty excited. Tina Fey has been one of my favourite comedians and writers ever since Mean Girls graced the movie screens and I couldn't wait to read the stories she had compiled from her life thus far. You know authors that when you read their work you hear their voice in your head, or you just know that it's them very distinctly, Tina Fey is like that. Her writing style is uniquely hers and that works especially well when she's telling personal stories.

The book covers her childhood, adolescence, college years, SNL and Second City, and motherhood and in each section stories that only Fey could do justice. I think women will find this book more enjoyable just because of the nature of some of the stories (I don't know how much men like reading about getting your first period) but in regards to women it's enjoyable for teens or adults. Not only is Tina Fey relatable she also tells ridiculous stories that make you feel a bit better about your own embarrassing childhood. Besides being incredibly human and down-to-earth Tina Fey does what she does best in this book, make you laugh. There should be a disclaimer on this book that warns those readers who do not like to be thought of as weird to be sure to not read this book in a public place. You will laugh out loud, I promise. I read the majority of this book during several long car rides in which my parents became increasingly worried for my sanity as they heard sporadic outbursts of laughter. Once I made my mother read the book shortly after, she understood.

If you're looking for a fun read, hilarious stories and insight from Tina Fey, you need to read this book. I hope that this isn't a one time autobiography and that Fey will continue to put her intelligent writing to use and publish more books.

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