Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BEDA Day 2: My Photographic History

When I got into the second year photography class for the fall semester I found out I needed a 35 mm film camera. So I just got it today from a relative and turns out it's actually my mother's university graduation present from 1983. First reaction: AWESOME. After I found out mum had two extra lenses that went with it needles to say I was pretty stoked. With my film camera added to my collection I realized I'd be going to university with four cameras. So what am I going to talk about today, photography, why I love it and how my hobby has grown over the past few years.

My family go our first digital camera when I was probably in fifth or sixth grade and though I had previously used disposable cameras for camps and such this is when I first started enjoying taking pictures. It didn't help that I never really liked being in photos so naturally I was the one who took them.

I got my first camera in ninth grade (I still have and use this camera frequently today) and that's when I really started taking more pictures and getting more into it. I spent a fair amount of time perusing the National Geographic website and in 2008 subscribed to the magazine. My love for this magazine has yet to diminish. It's still my dream job to work for them.

After a year and half with my Sony Cybershot I realized that I really enjoyed taking photos even if they weren't top notch. For my sixteenth birthday my lovely mother bought me my first SLR camera, a Nikon D5000. It's sort of my child. I've had it for two years now and I can say it's probably one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Also I can get into football games for free if I say I'm taking pictures for the yearbook with it.

For a good chunk of my early photos I mostly took pictures of wildlife. Flowers and birds in particular. I think I sort of got stuck in a rut, if you will, of the same subject matter so I've been trying to take pictures of things I wouldn't ordinarily take pictures of. Also people. I always admire quality pictures of people because I am not talented in that front. I think it takes a specific eye to see how people are going to look in a picture. Especially when it's freelance and not modeling. Modeling is a lot easier because you can tell them what to do and how to move but out in "the real world" you have no control over that. I'd like to take more pictures of people (that actually turn out well).

So there you have it. A sort of comprehensive but not really history of my photographic style, or something.

What I love about photography, which I think is probably true for a lot of people with this hobby, is it's ability to capture a completely unique moment in time. Also I think it's a bit underrated art form in some respects because nowadays anyone can just pick up a camera and take a picture but I don't think people realize how much effort goes into truly beautiful picture (not referring to mine I'm talking the professional stuff). That's not to  say I don't think any one shouldn't just pick up a camera and take pictures. I encourage it. But at the same time you've got to find the balance between capturing those unique moments and sitting back and actually living in the moments themselves. Well this has been scatterbrained. But no time for editing.

BEDA Day 2. Out.

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