Saturday, August 20, 2011

BEDA Day 20: Jack Johnson Stories

A year ago today I attended a Jack Johnson concert and that whole experience was heaps of fun and has many stories that go along with it so I thought for today's BEDA post I'd share those stories and perhaps talk about Jack Johnson and his lovely music.

My friends and I went to see the concert in Atlanta which was about a three hour drive away so we had planned to leave straight away after school and get there at about 6:00, then have dinner and be at the concert by 7:30. Like most good road trips our plans fell through quickly when about an hour into the drive it started poring  rain followed by thunder and lightening. This slowed down the traffic a bit but we figured we could just grab something quick for dinner and we'd still make it. Finally we got to the outskirts of Atlanta but with the unfortunate combination of a thunderstorm, rush hour traffic and regular ATL traffic, we were stuck in a parking lot on the highway. So for two hours we sat in anticipation in the car with about a mile left in the trip. I spent most of the time refreshing Jack Johnson's Facebook page where people in the same boat as us were posting things like "don't start without me I'm stuck in a traffic jam!"After parking in a field and trudging through mud, we finally got there at about 8:30 with the mindset that we had missed a good chunk of the concert. Alas, we did not! We did miss A.L.O opening for him but we caught most of G. Love (who was amazing) and the skies cleared up so all was looking up. The concert didn't really start until about 9:00 and they played a pretty long set. Jack Johnson sounded just as great live as on the record and his whole band was really great. Zach Gill, who plays piano and various other interments for the band, is not only a brilliant piano player but also has a lovely voice. Paula Fuga joined him on stage for a few songs as well as A.LO. and G.Love. But back to fun story time, like I said the sky cleared up and as the sun set he began to play the song "Banana Pancakes" who's opening line is "can't you see that it's just raining...", well apparently Jack Johnson is pals with mother nature because as soon as he uttered those lyrics the sky opened up again and it began to pour. Unfortunately, our seats missed the awning by about two rows, fortunately, we had ponchos. Some people might let the rain get them down, not this crowd. I'm terrible at estimating numbers but this amphitheater was huge and everyone there was just stoked to be there. After the rows of seats stopped there was a grass hill behind us where people had formed a mud slip an slide. Also, after it began to rain it seemed that at least three songs talked about rain. Coincidence? Probably.

The amazing experience, that was this concert was just a reassurance of my love for Jack Johnson and his music. I'm incredibly tired so instead of going into analytical detail about why I love his music so much I'm just going to leave you with some of my favourite lyrics of his:

"We're clever but we're clueless. We're just human."

"Well You can't blame me, says the media man
Well I wasn't the one who came up with the plan
I just point my camera at what the people want to see
Man it's a two way mirror and you cant blame me"

"There were so many fewer questions
When stars were still just the holes to heaven"

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