Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BEDA Day 23: Le Rambles

Fun Fact of the Day: Today I asked my brother if I could have his iPod touch because he's getting my iPhone when I go to university (because it costs a lot more to use it in Canada) and he was like "Yeah, sure, except ever since we came back from England it the calendar believes it's 1970." So what basically happened is that my iPod is time lord. That's my only conclusion.

Other than that hilariously awesome tidbit today involved unsuccessfully trying to visit my old teachers, eating a lot of blueberry tarts, watching Fringe and 500 Days of Summer for the millionth time and bidding a temporary farewell to yet another of my good friends.

When I can't think of interesting things to blog about during this lovely month of BEDA I've turned to a 365 Day Challenge that I saw on Tumblr a couple times, today I was in this boat so I was scrolling the 365 different topics and I came across "describe your future wedding". How? Am I the only female that hasn't spent any time thinking about my dream wedding, because when I read that I really couldn't think of even what my eight-year-old self imagined as her dream-wedding because I'm pretty sure she didn't imagine it. Unless of course I have forgotten, in which case, I still can't really take a guess at what it might have been. I feel like that's something that a lot of little girls and even teenagers do, but I just haven't. Not because I'm "some sort of crazy marriage-hater" (-27 Dresses) but because it just hasn't crossed my mind.

On a some-what related note, when I was a pre-teen I went through a phase where basically all I watched were Discovery Kids and anything on TLC (strange I know). Coincidently the only show I was really opposed to was Say Yes To The Dress (Toddlers and Tiaras wasn't on yet, don't worry I would've been opposed to that too). And again, it wasn't because of any dislike towards marriage or weddings, it just seemed like all the women on that show were unfortunately bitchy.

Well this has been a BEDA post with no point, by Allison. Join us tomorrow when I talk about my vague feelings on another randomly chosen subject.

Also, I'm tempted to make a Toddlers & Tiaras rant post at some point. So, get excited for that.

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