Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BEDA Day 24: Thoughts on Tea & Toast

Disclaimer: The bias towards the excellence of tea may or may not be influenced by the writer's current beverage in hand.

As it is late in night and I am still currently skyping with an awesome person  so we have decided to do a collaborative blog post on two subjects in which we are particularly knowledgable: tea and toast.

Midnight tea. Is there anything more comforting? The correct answer is no. Whether you're a strict addict to one flavor (orange pekoe) or have half a shelf in your pantry dedicated to various flavors, some of which you have yet to try, tea is a "hug in a cup" (-The Mentalist). When the *age old* question "coffee or tea" arises how can you choose coffee when tea is just so, mellow. (If you choose coffee we can still be friends, it's okay). Sad? Drink some tea. Stressed? Drink some tea. Happy? Drink more tea. These are the answers that will assist you through life.

Need a snack with your tea? Try toast (it's the greatest thing since sliced bread... get it.. oh god). Peanut butter, cinnamon and sugar, NUTELLA, curry (asian-bias), the choices for what to put on your toast is endless. As a side note, honey, toast and tea may be the best combination of goodness ever created.

This has been thoughts on tea and toast with Allison and Halley. Join us next time when we discuss other facets of our extremely exciting midnight thoughts.


  1. Just decided a near-future doodle has to be related to tea. And toast :) Love this.

  2. I have been trying to like to tea for so long now. So far, no good.