Friday, August 26, 2011

BEDA Day 26: Five Things I'm Looking Forward To

(This topic was taken from the trusty 365 day challenge)
University Edition! 

1. Moving in to university: Have I mentioned lately on this blog that I'm moving into university? Maybe once or twice. In any case, I am looking forward to the moving in process, and I am mostly eager to see what my dorm looks like and what my residence is like. I've visited it once last year but very briefly and I never actually saw the kind of room that I will be living in so it's like a fun surprise. Hopefully my keyboard will fit. That's really my only worry.

2. Making new friends/ meeting new people: I generally consider myself a pretty friendly person, though I'm not extremely extroverted I do like meeting new people and freshman year at university is pretty much made for that.

3. Taking a photography course: I've been interested in photography since probably ninth grade but I've never actually taken any classes or learned anything technical to do with it. It's just sort have been a hobby. But that will no longer be true after this semester because I'm actually going to take a real life university class (huzzah) in film photography. I'm excited to maybe know a little bit of what I'm talking about when it comes to photography now.

4. Working on the newspaper: I want to get involved in several extracurricular actives at my new school but newspaper is number one on the list. I've been considering journalism as a potential career path so I thought I'd test out that idea by participating in the school paper. Not to mention I'd get to put my learn-ed photography skills to the test.

5. Taking classes I'm actually interested in: Besides the photography course I'm also taking courses in other subjects I'm really interested in the main being anthropology and political science. Anthropology has some really interesting extra reading and human culture and it's nature really intrigues me. Concerning poli-sci, though I've taken it during my time at my American high school I never really learned all to much about my Canada's political system because I moved away after eight grade. It feels appropriate that I should   know the workings of my own country's government if i'm going to major in international relations.

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  1. Taking interesting classes is definitely a huge plus of college.