Saturday, August 27, 2011

BEDA Day 27: A Story of How I Failed

That's right kids, it's time for another exciting story of today's events. Please note that this story is filled with hyperbole and is meant to sound overdramatic. Because dumb stories are just better that way.

So as I've mentioned approximately 8324298374 times I'm leaving for university tomorrow (the road trip portion of the journey) which made tonight my last dinner with my family all together until Christmas. So I thought to show the parental units that I am a responsible adult and in fact ready for the real world that I would cook us all dinner. You see this going badly already don't you. Yeah I was still pretty doped up on optimism at this point so I thought everything would be just peachy. Alas, no.

I decided quesadillas as the meal of choice because they're fairly simple and we had left over chicken. You can't really screw much up with quesadillas. I mean the chicken was already cooked so salmonella was out of the question. All I had to do was successfully grate cheese, cut vegetables, arrange them on the tortilla and cook them. I grated the cheese successfully without grating my knuckles off, and chopped the vegetables without catching my fingers in the mix, I arranged the perfect proportions of the ingredients onto the tortillas. Still nothing has gone wrong. I'm on top of the world (hyperbole).

One last step, I must successfully get the uncooked quesadillas from the plate to the frying pan, flip them, and get them back onto the plate. I was really quite simple. I lost a bit of cheese out of the side along the way but the first quesadilla was a success. And the second. Only one more and the dinner would be complete (dramatic music begins to crescendo in the background). My parents would know their daughter was ready for the real world because she could successfully make quesadillas.

Well you already know this story ends in failure so I'll just let you off the hook now. The third and final quesadilla was sizzling away in the frying pan and was ready to be flipped. So I took my two spatulas (two you ask, yes I had a system, okay) and began the flipping process. And then I moved my hand just a wee bit to close to the frying pan and burned my finger. Badly.

So that's that. My finger hurts as I type this up and it'll be nice and blistered for university orientation. Oh well, a good story to meet new people right? Yeah let's go with that.

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