Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BEDA Day 3: 1920's Murder Mystery Parties, I love my friends

It's my summer before university and I'm eighteen so I should be partying hard and breaking some rules right? Au contraire my friends. I am a very fortunate teenager that has the pleasure of having amazing friends that plan things like 1920's "Who done it" murder mystery parties. For fun.

Because today is Esther Day and we are supposed to tell those whom we love that we love them I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell my amazing friends that they are amazing and that I love them. (I love my family to for the record this post is just more friend oriented. More specifically my American high school friends. Love my family. Love love love.)

I feel very lucky that I have nerdy friends that aren't ashamed to do things like plan elaborate murder mystery parties and get dressed up in flapper dresses and suits and make up characters and them dedicate themselves to that character for an evening. And all for fun. I love that we can get really enthusiastic about movie premieres and freak out over silly things and that we're quite a large group of close friends. Most of the time it's just a group of three or four that share the same interests or same silly things but my friends from high school are quite numerous and we all genuinely love hanging out and enjoy the same stuff.

It will be strange moving back to Canada next year without them but I have faith that we'll stay connected. My Canadian besties can vouch for me that I am pretty good at staying in touch. Also, Skype is a beautiful thing.

This is a really non-eloquent post (as I assume a lot of BEDA will be) but I just wanted to throw out some appreciation for my American friends. They do not forget to be awesome.

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