Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BEDA Day 30: Migraines < Fun also Home

I was doing so well. I haven't had a migraine since June first (which was my graduation day). Well that streak was broken today. If you have migraines you know they suck and if you don't well then, you surely don't want them. Things could be worse.

In other less whiney news I am officially back in my native land where I will be living for the next four years. Being back in Canada is nice. For one thing the weather is gorgeous, I forgot what a breeze felt like living in the South for this long. I have this bad habit with the U.S. and Canada where when I'm in one I can always think about the good things about the other. The classic "grass is always greener" problem if you will. But I am trying to not think about that this time around and I have a pretty positive attitude about starting school here in a day. I just have to remember that there are things I love about both places and things I don't love so much.

I thought that Canada would always be home. Where particularly in Canada I can't pin point. I think it may just be the culture in general. I've only lived on the east coast in a couple different towns but I've spent a ton of time in British Columbia because I have family there, and I feel like it's part of that feeling of home as well. However now that I'm back in Canada for university doest mean I am home for good. I will still be going home when I go back South for Christmas with my family. But that's just it about home, is it's not the particular physical place that makes it home but the feeling that you have when you're there, wherever that may be. Mostly it has to do with the people but sometimes it's just simple things, like a cup of Tim Horton's hot chocolate or reading bilingual road signs. I watched this interesting video about 'home' and what it means recently. If you find this subject at all interesting you should check it out here.

I'll be here this time tomorrow with my last BEDA post of 2011. Get excited folks.

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  1. Feel better. I get migraines but not that often, so I'm sure you're in a lot of pain. Good luck!