Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEDA Day 4: Wild Target

Fun fact coming your way, I enjoy movies, a lot. So I'm thinking a lot of these BEDA posts might just be film review type things. I just finished watching Wild Target starring Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint, so that is what I'm going to talk about.

I love British comedy. I might love British comedy more than American. It's just so different and quick and dry and I love it. Wow I am feeling quite descriptive today. So if you too are a fan of British comedy you will possibly find this film as enjoyable as I did.

It centers around a hit man played by Bill Nighy, a thief, Emily Blunt and a random guy, Rupert Grint. Seriously they didn't really give much background information into Rupert's character other than the fact that his name was Tony. Emily Blunt probably churned out the most laughs in this film. While I'm sure the writers had a lot to do with the humor Emily's comedic timing is brilliant and her character was just crazy enough that she was still a believable individual. What was great about her character was that she was outwardly crazy while the hit man (Bill Nighy) who was protecting her was crazy in an inverted way if that makes any sense. They balanced each other out by contrast and made their whole relationship that much better. One of my favorite parts was when Bill Nighy's character (who I'm going to continually refer to as "Bill Nighy's character because I can't remember his name) takes Rose and Tony to his old home to keep them safe and he gets mad at Rose and calls her crazy. My favorite line comes in when Rose retaliates by saying "You shrink-wrap your furniture"! I thought that was absolutely hilarious but also it served purpose to further the character development of Bill Nighy's character.

The only complaint I have about this movie was the ending. I didn't like that the hit man and Rose end up together. I don't think they elaborated enough on their relationship for it to work out perfectly like that. I also just found it a bit weird because part way through the film he thinks he's gay then all of a sudden he's in love with Rose. But that's it complaint wise. Other wise I thought it was completely hilarious and story was good enough where the action wasn't hard to follow but it wasn't void of plot either.

As an added bonus to the comedy the Bill Nighy's mother is pretty hysterical. Even a bit scary at times, but mostly funny.

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  1. That sounds pretty good. I may need to check that out this weekend.