Saturday, August 6, 2011

BEDA Day 6: The YouTube Community

Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is the YouTube community. I've been easing into the idea of making regular YouTube videos for a couple months now and I think university is a pretty solid time to start. The idea of creating conversation rather than just complementing was brought up by one of my favorite not-holy-cow-popular YouTubers, emilythebravee. She's really fantastic. If you've never seen her videos you should do that. I had been thinking a lot about the idea of YouTube for more of a social networking and starter of discussion modem after Kayley Hyde, owlssayhooot, posted a video in late April basically saying that she wanted to see more videos that sparked conversation and thoughtfulness and what not. I just wanted to throw it out there that I think this is awesome and I want to help it happen. I'm going to  take my many scatterbrained lists and actually start making them into videos. That's partially the reason I'm doing BEDA to ease myself into this whole process of expressing myself somewhat-eloquently online. I've been half-way there for quite some time now on the whole YouTube thing for a while so we'll see how it goes. But I think that it's definitely an underused resource for not only meaningful conversation (I'm not talking deep insightful just mildly interesting) but also a stronger community surrounding those conversations.

Please note that this does not in any way mean all my videos (or even a small percentage of them for that matter) will be the bud of intellectual conversation. I'm aiming for a fraction to be potentially eloquent.

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