Monday, August 8, 2011

BEDA Day 8: The World Doesn't Suck

If you spend some time on the internet in places such as Tumblr or Twitter you would have experienced quite an explosion of horrifying pictures of the London riots today. Tons of people reblogging and retweeting these frightening images as well as posts that acknowledge that we hope those in London are safe. The same wave of horrific photos and posts happened during Libya's crisis earlier this year. Now don't get me wrong it's completely expected and warranted that everyone be aware of and spread the word about these issues but I find when this happens I see a lot of additions to posts that say things like "the world is a disgusting place".

I just wanted to say no, the world is not a disgusting or terrible place, those people are doing disgusting and terrible things. It angers me that when a group of people or even just an individual does something terrible that people respond with negative views on the entire human race. It's unfortunate that one idiotic act can make people forget all the good things people do and sum up their feelings with things like "their is no humanity left in the world". I think it's important that we remember that acts committed by a few do not reflect the intentions of the whole.

My thoughts go out to those in England.

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  1. Good point. It's horrible what those people are doing, but there are definitely still good people in the world as well.