Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BEDA Day 9: Guilty Pleasure Television

As made pretty obvious by this blog I'm a pretty avid watcher of television and movies. If you need more proof than the numerous mentions of it on here, yesterday my two friends and I got through Fellowship of the Ring, Easy A (for the 239847th time), Zombieland and Scott Pilgrim versus the World. I see most of the television I watch as fairly quality, but every once and while you just need a good old trashy guilty pleasure show. I have found my new guilty pleasure in Switched At Birth on ABC Family. 

I normally stay far from any program affiliated with ABC Family but I had seen that several people I follow on Tumblr were watching it so I thought I'd give it a go (I'm easily persuaded to new television additions). Also once I found out that one of the main characters was deaf I was really interested. I honestly don't think I've ever watched a show where that was a main theme or topic. 

Basically here's my view on the show. I find the story lines that deal with Daphne (the deaf girl) really interesting and they actually teach you a bit about the deaf community, as it were, as well as what it's like to be deaf, or you know, as close as a abc family can come to attempting that. I also like Bay's (the one Daphne was switched at birth with) story, though I find her a bit on the bitchy side. The downside to this show is the unnecessary dramatic story lines that the adult characters have. Not much to say about them other than their pretty overdramatic and the characters seem to change emotions and views really quickly. 

I've gotten through the first four episodes and I'm going to continue watching because I'm genuinely interested in the story lines of the deaf characters. I know an ABC Family teen drama isn't exactly the place for fine education on the subject matter but it gives a fairly good overview of the subject. Also, Emmett is hot. If you watch the show you were thinking to. 

Fun side note that's somewhat related: While I was in Paris a month and a half ago I was walking through the backstreets behind the area where Notre Dame is looking for a restaurant and I walked down this tiny street where someone had parked a car right in the middle so no one could pass by and around that car were a bunch a people gathered and talking to each other, but I couldn't here any conversation. These people were all deaf and were having some sort of gathering I guess. I walked through the group of people and maybe this sounds really weird but it was just so interesting to see how you can communicate with signing. Anyway, I'm pretty lacking on this subject but I just wanted to say that watching the show definitely gives you a different perspective about communication.

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  1. whoa. twlight zone. i JUST watched zombieland and easy a. in the same day. i'm thinking it's less weird than it seems because we probably both love emma stone. yes?

    i saw the first episode of that show. lol i agree. daphne is interesting, and so is her (real) brother, and her deaf friend. but i hate bay. i think she's a sorry excuse for a main character. and the parents are idiots. all of them. lol no one could mistake this show for anything other than abc family's work.