Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens: Sort of a Review (already sucking at BEDA)

I went into the theatre not really knowing much about this film other than it promised me two things: cowboys and possibly some aliens. I was completely game if that was all I got from the film but in fact it was really entertaining and just the reassurance I needed after seeing Transformers 3 that large action sequences could, in fact, be properly paced.

Basically this "review" if it's even that will be separated into two parts, you guessed it, cowboys and aliens.

Let's start off with the wild west aspect of the film. This film was essentially the perfect story for the special effects and design departments.  Explosions and gunfire were abundant so if you're looking for action,  you're not short-handed by this movie. The set and costumes were classic and spot on. Everything looked great. After seeing this movie I would really like to see some more modern filmmakers take on the wild west because the technology we have now can make the classic western look impeccable. So basically looks and special effects get a check in the cowboy department. The cowboys themselves were pretty great too. Sometimes I find it hard to get attached to the characters in action-based movies but Jake and even the minor characters were believable and I actually rooted and worried for them. One random character trait that I was unsure of was Jake's (Daniel Craig) age. Because he's seems to be romantically interested in Ella (Olivia Wilde) who seems to be about 25, and he calls Harrison Ford's character "old man" but Daniel Craig is not that young himself. Other than that detail the cowboys were pretty convincing. One minor character who stood out to me was the young boy, he was brave and intelligent and reminded me a lot of the child from Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

As for the aliens they weren't as convincing as the cowboy aspect of the film but they weren't terrible. They were definitely surprising at times but not overly scary. It could have been scarier. Concerning the actual look of the aliens they were pretty classic "scary monster alien" type but they did have arms within their body that came out if they opened up their chest, which I thought was pretty cool. But other than that they weren't overly creative with the design of the aliens they were fairly generic.

That's all I've got to say about Cowboys & Aliens right now. I might talk about the overall theme and more about the character tomorrow (or today since it's past midnight...) but here goes nothing with the whole BEDA thing, I'm off to an unfortunate start.

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