Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back in Business

That's right, this blog is back bitches. Let the summer productivity begin.
Instead of doing BEDA I've decided to modify it to my liking. Introducing, BALTS, Blog A Lot This Summer. Not as catchy granted, but more my style. 

I am aware that there has been a significant hiatus in this little blog but I have been writing in other outlets. Keeping myself busy by writing film reviews for my university's paper. I'm a published author *breaks out the champagne*. 

With this new BALTS project, along with blogging more I will also be tracking some other aspects of my life at the end of every post as follows:

  • Books read this summer (I don't want to give myself a numbered goal but I have a list of around 30 books to be read)
  • Hikes taken (I'm back living near the Appalachian mountains for the summer and I want to take advantage of my surroundings) 
  • Films seen (this includes both in theaters and on dvd/tv, as long as I haven't seen it previously)
I look forward to rekindling my blogging spirit. 

Good night all. 

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