Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Questions

Because I haven't blogged hardcore in quite some time I found this list of fun and interesting questions on the wonderful source for all that is weird (yes, tumblr) to get me back into the swing of things. 

Mental/personal attributes you find particularly alluring? I'm sure it's been said a million times but humour means a lot to me. People who laugh at the same dumb things as me are good.
Name a book that changed your life. The Fault in Our Stars. Enough said. If you haven't read it, do that now. 
Detail your personal feelings about public transit and share a story involving a mode of public transportation. I am pro-public transit for sure. I live in two very different towns/cities throughout the year, depending on if I'm in school or not. One of which is very small and very walkable the other of which is really spread out and requires a vehicle to get anywhere. Neither of these places have any sort of public transport, which is fine when I'm in the small town but not so great when I'm away from school. As for a story involving public transport I took the chunnel (channel/tunnel- it's a word) from Paris to London last year and that was pretty excellent. End of story.
Where was the first place you were allowed to walk to/go to without adult supervision? School. It was literally across the street. As in, my house and my school were neighbours and the only thing separating the buildings was a street. 
Have you ever played ‘the floor is lava” game? What would my childhood have been without it. 

Were you a proponent of the pillow fort or the blanket tent? I like to construct a structure combining a little bit of both techniques. 
Best time you ever had in a natural (i.e. outside an urban area) setting? Walking to the Bay of Fundy with my two best friends from uni. It's beautiful anyway but when you walk 15k to get there it's a lot more rewarding. 
What is the worst thing about living in these times? When people try to distinguish them as "these times" as if we have something inherently different from the people in "those times".
Who and what do you love? Family, friends, my dog, and good stories.

Books read: 0 (almost done Never Let Me Go, review to come)
Hikes taken: 0 (I'm hiking a place called Rainbow Falls this weekend, pictures to come)
Films seen: 0 (For Lovers Only is currently downloading on iTunes!)
Song recommendation: Landline (feat. Ingrid Michaelson) by Greg Laswell

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