Sunday, May 6, 2012

Belated Notes on Hiking Adventures

This past weekend I went on my first official hike of the summer. I live near the Appalachian Mountains so I like to take advantage of the trails in the brief time when I'm back from uni and before the Southern heat really sets in. I am a fan of adventuring but my desire to adventure decreases as the temperature increases. It's a problem (and it may or may not be connected to my Canadian roots). I'm not built for smoldering heat.

April, however, is a beautiful time to take to the trails. Here's photographic evidence.

It was quite a shock to be come from Atlantic Canada back to the South. Not because of the temperature, I expected that, but because it's so green! Plants hadn't even started thinking about blooming when I left school a couple weeks ago, but here it's already done.

Books read: 1
Films seen: 3
Hikes taken: 1
Song Recommendation: Hollywood by Marina & The Diamonds

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