Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Lovers Only: A Review

Recently I've been on a bit of a Castle binge, if you will. I started watching the show casually* last year and thought it was kind of cute and an easy watch compared to my other regular shows (see: Fringe and an emotional Lost rewatch). I  got my roommate into it this past season and she really loved it which ultimately got me more excited about watching it. Ultimately it made Mondays a lot more bearable. All this to say that along with my recent obsession with the show, I have taken a liking to the cast so with that I decided to watch Stana Katic's recent independent film by the Polish Brothers, For Lovers Only.

I'm always looking for new independent or lesser-known films to watch and so when I found out Stana Katic was in this I couldn't pass it up. The filmmakers took a very minimalist approach to production. The Polish brothers sort of split up the work where Mark Polish stars opposite Katic as the male lead, and his twin Michael wrote and directed. The two brothers collaboratively produced the film. To add to the simplicity of the production the film was in black and white, excluding one scene at the end, making for a very specific and nostalgic visual experience.

The basic storyline is a simple one. Two past lovers meet each other again in Paris after they have both moved on and married. For Lovers Only is the story of rekindling their love and what that means for each of them.

Where For Lovers Only may lack a complicated plot or copious dialogue it makes up for in exceptional story-telling. This story-telling would not have been possible without the variety of camera techniques that were essential to this film style. One of my favourite lines from this film is when Yves (Mark Polish), a photographer and journalist, is taking pictures of Sophia (Stana Katic) and he says "love me in focus". To me that really captured the essence of the film in one moment.

I highly recommend it if you're interested in independent film (or if you're looking to get into that world). Along with a beautiful story there is also the added treat of beautiful cinematography of French landscapes.

*Casual television watching for me is rare and usually results in either latching on to it full time, or never watching it again.

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