Monday, June 18, 2012

Cat Power Appreciation Post

Just lounging around with Cat Power's new single 'Ruin' on repeat and loving life. I know critics always use the phrase "eagerly anticipated" in regards to album releases but it's been six years since Cat Power released original content, so it's about time. But all good things take time to come into the world,  right? If 'Ruin' is any indicator of the rest of the album it's going to be a beauty. Just a few days ago I bought The Greatest for $6.00 the other day at my favourite record store, so I'm taking this as a sign from the musical gods that I was pushed back in the Cat Power direction for a reason. There's something about her style that can't be crammed into a genre and I'm just so excited to have her back in my musical radar. Also she cut all her hair off and it looks pro. I'm so used to the classic straight hair and fringe with her so it will take some getting used to.

This has been a brief but duly needed Chan Marshal appreciation post. You can listen to the lovely new single 'Ruin' here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Style

Growing up and well into junior high and high school I always dressed the same. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Sometimes I would elaborate here and there but I never dared experiment, especially  in high school because once you try something different you're making a statement. Which, in high school, is a sign of self-confidence often confused for cockiness. I think the idea of experimenting with my wardrobe in fear of making a statement never appealed to me because I though people would see me as something different. But, really I didn't know what they saw me as in the first place so I was lost either way. For me it was just easiest to stick to the basics because there's never an easier choice than the one you don't have to make. (Riveting stuff, I know).

This is all to say that after starting my first year of university I still wasn't doing much to modify or experiment with my style, mainly because I didn't really have one to begin with. However, through out the year I was slowly figuring out what I wanted it to be. Through video bloggers and the magnificent tumblr, I was starting to piece together things that inspired me to find a small semblance of style. Sure, scrolling my dashboard wasn't a life-changing action but baby steps people, baby steps. Probably the biggest influence on my style this year has been school itself. My university has been a really great fit for me and I'm incredibly thankful for that. If you want to wear something ridiculous just to see if you like it people don't really care, in fact they embrace it. Where in high school I felt immediately judged when I wore something mildly deviating from my norm, my new environment encourages it. It might just have to do with the whole aging process but I feel like my relationship with style and fashion in the past year has been  give and take sort of thing. Wherein trying new stylistic choices gives me a little confidence boost and in turn that slight shift in self-esteem allows me to build my sense of style.

Now by no means have I had some sort of style reawakening but I am starting to figure out my own style which turns out is super helpful for other aspects of your life such as the aforementioned self-confidence. Not that I felt utterly insecure before but a little positive body image goes quite a long way.

I'm testing out the waters in Lookbook so look forward to that as the summer progresses.

this summer-
Books read: 4
Films seen: 13
Hikes taken: 5
I'm on Bloglovin now how exciting This might be an easier way to follow blogspot things, I don't really know.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Must-Have Albums: Road Trip Edition

With the summer season comes the desire to just get on the road and go places. The road trip has always been a big part of my summer break since I can remember, emphasizing my love for the journey, not just the destination. Especially in the case of road trips, a proper soundtrack can make or break the journey. I have compiled my top five albums for your traveling pleasure. So, put one arm on the windowsill and stare off into the horizon longingly and enjoy these five road tripping must-haves.

1. Room For Squares, John Mayer 2001
Mayer's debut studio album's acoustic roots make a perfect soundtrack to any country road traveling. This album was always a staple in my family's van right from it's release when I was 8 years old. If anything it's grown on me.
Favourite track: Why Georgia

2. Endless Summer, The Beach Boys 1974
This compilation of the Beach Boy's greatest hits is the quintessential summer album and appropriate for driving the winding California coast (or fantasizing about it while making a long trip to somewhere less desirable). There's something about the Beach Boy's ability to write an entire album while only talking about surfing, girls, and cars that's oddly charming and just what a simplistic summer album should be. Congrats Beach Boys because I don't think I'd let anyone slip with that writing approach. My copy of this album is on a CD that advertises the fact that it is a "compact disc" on  it, so take from that what you will. It is also important to note that while my classmates were choreographing dance moves to The Spice Girls I was listening to this album on my boom box. For better or worse The Beach Boys shaped many childhood summers.
Favourite track: Catch A Wave

3. Loverboy, Brett Dennen 2011
Thanks to a free Starbucks single I was introduced to the incredible song-writing of Brett Dennen. Though I'm a fan of essentially anything he puts out into the world, Loverboy is best listened to on the road. Filled with upbeat and genuinely lovely tracks, this album is perfect for lifting your spirits when the road trip gets dull (see also: traffic, grumpy siblings, lack of rest stops).
Favourite track: Sydney (I'll Come Running)

4. Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson 2009
Surprise, surprise, Allison picks an Ingrid Michaelson album for the road. But fan-girling aside this album is actually a perfect addition to any traveling soundtrack if for nothing else than it's acoustic-pop vibe. Tracks like 'Maybe' and 'Everybody' are easy to sing along to, and if your vehicles not into that there are a mix of less upbeat tracks to throw into the mix.
Favourite track: Mountain and the Sea

5. Wasteland Companion, M. Ward 2012
There are some people who just don't seem to belong in 2012 and M. Ward is one of those individuals. When he recently released the record NPR stated that it was meant to be played on a crackly radio, which I believe fits the road trip spirit perfectly. Not only is Ward's music the perfect style, but the lyrics tell a intriguing story while the melody paints the picture.
Favourite track: Me and My Shadow

This summer-
Books read: 3
Films seen: 11
Hikes taken: 4

Song recommendation: Love Lost by The Temper Trap