Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Style

Growing up and well into junior high and high school I always dressed the same. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Sometimes I would elaborate here and there but I never dared experiment, especially  in high school because once you try something different you're making a statement. Which, in high school, is a sign of self-confidence often confused for cockiness. I think the idea of experimenting with my wardrobe in fear of making a statement never appealed to me because I though people would see me as something different. But, really I didn't know what they saw me as in the first place so I was lost either way. For me it was just easiest to stick to the basics because there's never an easier choice than the one you don't have to make. (Riveting stuff, I know).

This is all to say that after starting my first year of university I still wasn't doing much to modify or experiment with my style, mainly because I didn't really have one to begin with. However, through out the year I was slowly figuring out what I wanted it to be. Through video bloggers and the magnificent tumblr, I was starting to piece together things that inspired me to find a small semblance of style. Sure, scrolling my dashboard wasn't a life-changing action but baby steps people, baby steps. Probably the biggest influence on my style this year has been school itself. My university has been a really great fit for me and I'm incredibly thankful for that. If you want to wear something ridiculous just to see if you like it people don't really care, in fact they embrace it. Where in high school I felt immediately judged when I wore something mildly deviating from my norm, my new environment encourages it. It might just have to do with the whole aging process but I feel like my relationship with style and fashion in the past year has been  give and take sort of thing. Wherein trying new stylistic choices gives me a little confidence boost and in turn that slight shift in self-esteem allows me to build my sense of style.

Now by no means have I had some sort of style reawakening but I am starting to figure out my own style which turns out is super helpful for other aspects of your life such as the aforementioned self-confidence. Not that I felt utterly insecure before but a little positive body image goes quite a long way.

I'm testing out the waters in Lookbook so look forward to that as the summer progresses.

this summer-
Books read: 4
Films seen: 13
Hikes taken: 5


  1. Your writing is so smooth! :)
    Just creep'in...don't mind me :P

  2. Awh thanks girl! You're welcome to creep anytime.