Monday, August 13, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Television

If anything I am a professional watcher of television. Once I get into a new show there's no stopping me and I'll lock myself away from society until I finish the whole thing. Though I'm usually pretty shameless when it comes to what I watch there are those certain shows that you find yourself going "why am I even watching this" as you click next episode. 

Thus, is my struggle with Pretty Little Liars. Ever since I first saw an advertisement for the show on ABC Family I mocked it and hated on it simply on the premise that it was an ABC Family show about pretty, little, liars. Also it didn't help that the only people I knew that liked it were not exactly my favourite.

I pretty much wrote it off as a "never watch, like, ever" show when I first saw it, and frankly that opinion didn't change until a couple of weeks ago when I youtuber I really admire and with whom I share a large number of pop culture interests, talked about it on her channel. She didn't say it was the best show ever, but she also didn't say it was terrible. So, in attempts to fill the gaping void that Gossip Girl left in my heart, I decided to give it a try.

Conclusion: It's pretty bad. However, more than it is a bad show, it is an addicting one. And Aria's love interest is easy on the eyes. There are a total of two characters that I don't dislike. As the songwriter Sara Bareilles once said "something always brings me back to you, it never takes to long."

Song recommendation: Dusk by Wilsen

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