Sunday, August 5, 2012

Major BEDA Upset: The Journey Continues

Last year's perfect BEDA success, was unfortunately ruined this year on no less then the SECOND DAY. I'm impressive, I know. But alas, I went to an amusement park for the day and I got back far later than I anticipated. Similarly on the third I went out and got back past midnight. A wild social life appeared! But I shall continue despite my shortcomings. (I might even try to do a couple extra posts to make up for the failure, no promises though.)

Onward then! Today I'd just like to make another artist appreciation post, this time in appreciation of the brilliant Laura Marling. I've only recently started listening to her music by recommendation of someone on tumblr (bless tumblr people). She's very much up my alley, music wise. Frankly, I don't know how I've gone this long without being obsessed. If you listen to music along the lines of Mumford & Sons or Brandi Carlile, you are doing yourself a disservice by not listening to Laura Marling. She has a very classic folk edge to her music with a bit of a contemporary spin. 

For a bit of history, Marling was once involved with the band Noah and the Whale, as well as touring with Mumford & Sons. She's already released her third studio album at the age of twenty-two. Her music is far beyond her years in it's maturity and she's already grown immensely as an artist if you compared her 2007 release (when she was just seventeen) to her most recent. 

If you are interested in giving her a listen, if you haven't already, here are a few recommendations:
  • My Friends (A Creature I Don't Know)
  • The Captain & the Hourglass (Alas I Cannot Swim)
  • Rambling Man (I Speak Because I Can)
  • Devil's Spoke (I Speak Because I Can)
  • Sophia (A Creature I Don't Know)
Enjoy the musical splendors!

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