Friday, August 17, 2012

More Musical Appreciation: Ben Howard

This blog seems to be turning into a musical appreciation blog. I see nothing wrong with that. Today's artist of choice is the brilliant Ben Howard. I started listening to him about a month ago upon recommendation from tumblr (that seems to be the case lately). Now, I'm always up for some good old acoustic folk/rock but Ben Howard is something special. His voice is just so easy to listen to, it almost feels instantly nostalgic, like you've been listening to his songs all your life. Despite the fact that he's only released one studio album his songwriting is exceptionally mature and complex. Listening to his music just feels good. Like, close-your-eyes-and-sip-on-tea good music. To boot, Howard is an exceptional guitar player.

Naturally I've delved into the depths of YouTube to see what kind of covers I could find, only to be pleasantly over and over again. He covered the infamous 'Call Me Maybe' and completely turned it on its head and made it really enjoyable. It was almost unrecognizable until he uttered the words "I threw a wish in the well". He also gave Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" a whirl only to succeed yet again. I'm starting to think this man can do no wrong. I feel as though he's only just scratching the surface of his talent and that we can expect so much more from him in the future.

I would recommend his whole album "Every Kingdom" but specifically the song "Keep Your Head Up".

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