Saturday, August 11, 2012


Some entirely unrelated thoughts to form a rambling blog post, because it's late and my computer is failing on me.

I started watching Pretty Little Liars last night. It is just as terrible as I expected but far more addicting than I anticipated. I will be watching more in the future. I'm using it to fill the sad void that gossip girl left behind when it went really down hill. Because let's be honest I really need another television show in my life. This time one with plenty of teen angst and back-stabbing bitchez with a capital 'z'.

I was in Savannah Georgia breifly and my friend told me that they were filming CBGB there. So basically I hung out with Stana Katic. That's how that works right? In related news, apparently Alan Rickman is getting old and fat according to the Savannah news.

I've decided I defintely need to buy myself a guitar when I get back to school. I've been practicing away with my mother's and I'm actually acquiring a bit of skill. Granted, I still don't know what I'm doing, but sound is coming out of the guitar that sounds not like death. I'm making progress. I also really enjoy it. My new room at school is going to be a bit of a mini studio because I'll actually be able to set up my piano, now that I know longer have a roommate. Throw in my guitar and ukulele and things are looking pretty great. Though that may give people the vibe that I actually know what I'm doing. They shall be deceived.

That has been three unrelated topics and this concludes BEDA-poorly-2012.

Song recommendation: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (I'm in a mood, a Fleetwood Mac mood)

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