Friday, August 10, 2012

Style Inspiration

I'm running on approximately three hours of sleep courtesy of an extravaganza at my friend's farm last night so this post is going to be brief.

As previously noted, I have been thinking about more about style, and specifically my personal style a lot more lately. Of course, behind everyone's style are those who inspire them (though style is certainly inspired exclusively by people) and I'd like to compile a list of my personal style icons, as follows.

Carey Mulligan is not only one of my favourite actresses but she also has impeccable street style. I feel like most celebrities (ugh, I hate using that term) can look great on the red carpet, because often their is a team behind them but when you see candids of Carey Mulligan she always seems like she's got it together. Even if it's just a simple maxi-skirt and tee with sandals she looks sharp.

Emma Stone, similarly, inspires my casual style. I've never been one for an elaborate wardrobe and Emma Stone does a lovely job of making simple look elegant. Not to mention her equally fashionable boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. A sharp looking couple they are.

Finally the ever-so-flawless Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine. I can't say that I dress like Florence, because that is untrue, but her wardrobe is unlike any other and her vintage shop style makes me want to see out special pieces to implement into my own style. She always looks fantastic whether she's performing or roaming the festival circuit. From watching a multitude of interviews I've found that she always has a story behind a piece and she can tell you exactly what drew her to it. She's inspiring in many ways but her fashion is undeniable.

Song recommendation: Strangeness and Charm by Florence and the Machine

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